Your contributions go to the various mission trips, outreaches, projects, and ministry events I serve at. I appreciate all your support and giving to help me keep doing what God has called me to do. 

Giving Options

Mission Trips

Contribute to one of the many mission trips. You can give monthly or give a one time donation. Both are very appreciated. 

Give a One-Time Generalized Gift

If you just want to give and do not have a preference, generalized giving is always a way to make and impact and support my work. 


Adoption Finder

Donate to Adoption Finder to support adopting families, foster youth, and women with unplanned pregnancy. Learn More >>

With Cash

Cash donations are accepted. You can donate at one of our events or meet with us. Cash can easily be lost in the mail, so we prefer one of the other methods by check or online. 

By Check

You can make a donation by mailing checks to PO BOX 1773 Leander, TX 78646. 

Give Online

You can make a donation today through PayPal

Popular Giving

Monthly Donations

Monthly giving is our most popular form of giving. You can give any amount monthly to contribute to one of our programs, mission trips, or a generalized gift. 


Monthly Giving


Pregnancy Care Packages

Help us bless an expecting mom with a pregnancy box! You can donate items, funds, or contribute to registries in our program.


Sponsor a Package

Foster Youth Care Packages

This program was designed to help foster youth that has or is about to age out of the system. We want to ensure that these amazing kids have what they need. 

Sponsor a Package

About Your Donations, Where & How They are used

We appreciate your support and want to be transparent with how funds are used. Read the boxes on the right to learn more about where and how your donations are used. 

Mission Trips

Your donations are used for mission trips. These funds are used to purchase plane tickets, hotel accommodations for me and sometimes team members, food/water, travel fairs like buses, car rentals, gas, and other necessary items during the trip. 

outreach Projects/programs

Your donations are used for our outreach projects and programs. This includes travel, purchasing items such as food, water, clothing, toiletries, baby supplies, and more. This allows us to meet the immediate need of those we are serving in our local, state, and nation wide communities. 


Your donations help me continue doing kingdom building work through the nonprofit organization I started. Currently all funds donated to our organization are used for programs and services. I do not take a paycheck, so your generous giving gives me the opportunity to focus on making a generational impact and living out my calling and purpose in life.