Alright y’all this is a cool story!

My husband and I love trading and selling things. We do this all the time. We ended up changing up our living room, which meant we were ready to part with our giant, solid wood crate and barrel square coffee table we got thrifting. I posted it for sale last night and this morning woke up to so many messages. A guy came to pick it up where we learned he is the owner of a donut shop nearby.

He thought we were his regular customers saying “hi good to see you all again” It’s funny because it’s so common for people think they have seen me around or I’m someone they know relative, but it’s rare that that is actually the case. I’ve even had people ask to take photos with me because I look like their passed relative.

I must have a lot of doppelgängers or something! Hahaha God has a sense of humor. He only had a large bill and we didn’t have change, so we held on to the bill and he took the table and decided to go to his donut shop to drop off the change. We were also selling a three tier tray for appetizers and deserts. It hadn’t sold yet, so we figured it was worth a try to ask him to trade for some sweet treats at his donut shop.

Low and behold, when my husband walked in, the owners wife was so excited to trade! Without hesitation she threw together this box of donuts and Kolaches! We are so happy to simplify and minimize while trading our funds for something new we wanted without spending what we shouldn’t.

What a cool morning! The point of this story is:

✅ Do the right thing and keep your word. When you tell someone you will do something, do it. Your word means a lot. If you cannot commit to it, don’t say you will (Psalm 89:34).

✅ Don’t be afraid to barter or trade. For one it’s fun and two why not! It’s a great way to get what you want, without having to spend as much time working. Who cares what others will think, bartering for goods and services is cool!